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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Hello and Welcome to my World Discovery Club review Site.
Our intention here is to provide you with the real facts about World Discovery Club so you can make an informed, educated decision as to whether or not this is right for you.

Let me keep this very simple.

Our goal is to help you understand that who is  World Discovery Club.  WDC is truly a wholesale travel provider and not some marketing arm for a travel agency like most travel clubs. We are not offering silly travel coupons or travel certificates but what we offer is live online booking, and live up to the minute wholesale prices on the largest inventory of wholesale travel providers.

You get immediate and direct access to the travel service. No middle man, no-one is taking out their commissions. WDC gives you direct access without upselling the service. Imagine direct pricing on Cruises, Luxury Condos, Golf, Hotels, Airlines, etc.

WDC gives you direct access to over a dozen wholesale travel services.

Who would not love to be in a 3 bedroom,  5 Star Penthouse suite facing the ocean watching pelicans dive for fish as the waves come crashing into shore. It is spectacular and our family loves it.


Is There Value In A World Discovery Club Membership?



You may be asking; what is so appealing about World Discovery Club? And, why did I choose this company over other companies who offer similiar services.

There are a few things I look for in a business opportunity.
1) Exceptional Value - a product that saves you money every time you use it.
2) Easy Duplicatible Lead Generating Marketing System
3) Generous Compensation Plan - $150 to $4800 in single commissions.
4) Incredible Customer Service and Support

Let me tell you why we joined World Discovery Club? The answer is very simple.

With a World Discovery Club membership you have a ONE TIME fee, with no restrictions, no liabilities, and no ongoing yearly fees attached. All the bookings are online up to 12 months in advance. We offer member only wholesale prices not available to the general public.


Can I Realistically Succeed in World Discovery Club?

Is This Opportunity For You?



Great products don't sell themselves. Every business is selling something. Not every body is sales person. In fact most people hate selling! I personally don't like to sell but I love to buy services and products of great value. Now we have something every entrepreneur dreams of. We have just implemented a new marketing platform. This is BRAND NEW!

We not only have the best travel product on the planet.... We have the "Easiest System Ever" to help you grow your business fast...
What if I told you we have a professional sales team at your disposal who will do all the selling for you and send you the commissions check straight to your door?

Listen put away your bank card, your check book, and your credit card. We have a special webinar that fully explains "The Free Lead System Forever" to jump start your business. This free online webinar tells it all. If you can't wait then just go there right now put your contact information in the form below. We will send it to you PRONTO!!!

Yes, WE MAKE THE SALES FOR YOU and send you $120 to $4800 in commission checks daily...? How incredible is that?

With a World Discovery Club membership you have access to over 5500 luxury international condo properties with unlimited access. You will never be required to sit in a timeshare presentation, pay a yearly maintenance fee, or be tied to a contract. "Not Ever". Now that is value...

You don't need to be a world traveler to enjoy World Discovery Club but I will say this. Membership has it's privileges. Answer this one very simple question. When was the last time you bought something that will save you money every time you use it?

To be perfectly honest if all we offered was access to our luxury condos you will save yourself thousands of dollars for years to come. My brother inlaw saved $6000 on their very first family reunion in Hawaii using this service.

Join us for a free online webinar for a complete understanding of all our services and business overview. We offer the easiest system ever to help you market your business. We have a professional sales team who will close the sales for you and then send you the check?


Enjoy Life You Only Get One Chance!

We are offering the most extensive team training system, and resource site you have EVER seen.  You'll be shocked when you visit the entire marketing system.

*Ask Me How You Can Get "Your Free Lead System Forever" And Start making $120 to $4800 commission checks sent to your door starting today...*

If you are an action taker and decide this is the right business for you then I have a special bonus for the next 10 people. Believe me this offer is incredible... it will save you $1000's of dollars.

Just contact me to schedule a one on one consultation to see if this if we are a right fit for each other.

This is a limited one time offer...

Yours in success,

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